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Foundations for a Strong Organisation

While foundations are very important they are often hidden and not obvious. It usually takes a crisis to bring them to the surface.

If you want an organisation to be strong then you have to look at the whole. Organisations are made of components.

We have developed a visual model to help explain how all these components fit together. We have called this model The Vision Driven Model ® because vision is so central to why people come together to form an organisation in the first place.

We use the Vision Driven Model ® model to ensure the foundations are strong. It guides us in how we apply and develop our capacity building tools to improve the organisation as a whole.

All components of an organisation need to be in balance and work well together.

The Vision Driven Model ® helps everyone see where the components such as governance, financial management, business planning and so on, fit in.

The hub - Why is vision a key foundation?

People need to have some good reasons to come together to form an organisation, especially a new organisation or a small business.

If the group is going to stay committed to working together they need to appreciate each other, learn from each other and have a lot of common values.

This is the basis for creating a shared vision of what future success looks like.

No organisation can last very long, let alone grow, if these qualities are lacking. This is the seed from which something bigger will grow.

The wheel nuts - Relationships

A visible functioning organisation is based on relationships and values which are even more central than skills and knowledge.

Key components of this core layer are motivation, team work and leadership.

It is critical to invest in developing the glue that will hold everyone together.

In many situations people are forced to work together to solve complex problems. A lack of shared vision, values and commitment to working as a team is often the greatest barrier to success.

The tyre - Practical implementation

When the vision is clear and the team is strong, then the rubber can really hit the road. For any organisation to achieve its goals its team needs to be strong in being strategic thinking , financial management and planning for the future. In addition, the team needs to have the skills to implement the organisation's plans on a practical, day to day level.

How effectively an organisation performs is also strongly effected by how well its members are able to intermesh large scale strategic skills with day to day operational skills. This is a major weakness in many organisations - especially small businesses and not for profits.

In summary

Strengthening an organisation means maintaining and improving the quality of all these layers simultaneously and ensuring that they all complement and balance each other.

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