Little Fish
Information with Integrity


Investor Relations

Little Fish has the potential to be a national and potentially international leader in the delivery of financial information flow services…. Little Fish is a progressive forward thinking company, set apart from its competitors with a high level of service definition and a competitive advantage.
(Pattens Strategists: Extract from a Business Review, Dec '02)

Ideas are the capital of our business and the foundation for your relationship with us.

We are currently integrating our award-winning financial information flow services into an even more powerful accounting/information system, creating a brand recognition which - we believe - will help us expand in our core and additional future markets.

We are prepared for an investment partnership with

  • a clearly developed corporate structure
  • a top rate Advisory Board
  • a highly effective management team
  • a quality marketing team
  • full intellectual property right protection

More information is available from Hugh Lovesy, Chief Executive.