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Key Clients & Contacts

The longer our company has been in existence the better the clients that we have worked in partnership with. This is a short list. Space is short so we apologize in advance if you are a client and your name is not included here.

We recommend you visit these organisations web sites.

Katherine West Health Board, Northern Territory – Not only did they form one united organisation from many disparate communities against all the odds, they now set benchmarks for indigenous people running their own health services.

Outback Stores – Support indigenous people throughout regional Australia to run their own stores to a high standard. Bring the best of the business world to indigenous affairs. Effective and passionate team setting high professional standards.

Sunrise Health Service, Northern Territory – At the same high level as Katherine West Health Board. Their Community Development Unit is a powerful force in ensuring grass roots input.

Desart, Central Australia – Making a powerful input into the success of the aboriginal art industry across Central Australia. A regional body that shows how it is possible to act as an umbrella and an advocate while still encouraging self management and entrepreneurial skills at the community and individual business level.

Warlayirti Arts, Balgo, Western Australia – An aboriginal art centre which is a working example of how commercial success can be combined effectively with a high degree of self management responsive to core elements of indigenous culture. Go to their site and see if there is a painting you would like to buy!

Reconciliation Australia, Canberra – Very progressive, innovative, practical and constructive in its approach.

Bismarck Ramu Group, Papua New Guinea – Forward looking local organisation that achieves changes in communities through minimal intervention. One of their mottos ‘Development from within, aided from outside!’

PBSP - Philippines Business For Social Progress – “PBSP is one of the best examples in the world that is tackling the problems of poverty at both the grassroots and strategic policy levels” The Prince Of Wales International Business Leaders Forum 1998.

Torqaid – Bringing international best practices – such as Participatory Program Management - from the development and overseas aid field to the Australian arena.

Larrakia Development Organisation, Darwin, Northern Territory – A successful indigenous business with transparent and high level governance policies that can mix it with any equivalent mainstream business.

Peppered Black – Alice Springs, Central Australia - A fast growing, indigenously owned, security business Peppered Black was started by a well known local indigenous entrepreneur. Its innovate concept of ‘indigenous security ambassadors’ is not only a business success but inspires good relations between the indigenous and mainstream communities. It looks like its going nationwide.