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Katherine West Health Board Program

We have been working with Katherine West Health Board since its start up in late 1997.

Katherine West is recognised at a national level as being a great success story in indigenous health.

We are proud to have played a major role in supporting that success.

Katherine is the Northern Territory's third largest town and is located 340 kilometres South East of Darwin. Katherine West is currently the biggest employer in the Katherine area.

We have worked extensively with the board in the following key areas:

  • The encouragement of ‘capacity building’ by providing the board members with clear information that allows them to make decisions for themselves on critical financial and organisational issues.
  • Governance issues: in particular, ensuring that everyone is clear about their roles and responsibilities.
  • Facilitating information flow: in the first few years we helped to ensure that government departments and the board were able to work closely together by having a common understanding of areas critical to both of them.
Click here to download the Case Study of Little Fish's involvement in the Katherine West Health Board Program.
Also see Minister John Ah Kit’s (NT Minister For Local Government) paper: ‘Good News For Once’.