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People and organisations closely related to the work that we do

Environment And Sustainable Business

Interface Ltd – A leader in sustainable industry. About founder, Ray Anderson. Also about sustainability business policies.

Interface Ltd – 2006 Annual Report showing how business success and sustainability can enhance each other.

Interface Ltd – Founder, Ray Anderson. Short explanation of his core ideas on this video.

World Business – Site on supporting businesses “that are adopting a new tradition of responsibility for the whole by defining their own interest in a wider perspective of society.”

Paul Hawken – Entrepreneur and author of The Ecology Of Commerce. A seminal work.

Bismarck Ramu Group, Papua New Guinea – A very effective community development group.

Climate Positive – Measure your own carbon emissions and become carbon positive.

Trees For Life, South Australia – Revegetating South Australia’s remnant bushland areas.

Trees For Life, UK – Restoring the once great Caledonian forests in Scotland.

Trees For Life, USA – Planting fruit trees in developing countries – moving from the victim mentality to responsibility.

Sustainable Industry Research Centre – Australian site. Well worth a visit.

Sustainable Business Council Missoula Area, Montana, USA – A good example of how local businesses can work together.

Leading Idea’s In Mainstream Business

Steven Covey – Well known author of business books – like “The Seven Habits…”

Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline – Peter Senge, from MIT, studies “learning organisations”. Deep thinking.

The Fifth Discipline In Action – The field book for “The Fifth Discipline.”

Jack Canfield – Interesting and practical books by known entrepreneur who has studied successful people for many years.

Ricardo Semler and Semco Ltd – Ricardo Semler wrote a stimulating book Maverick (Century, London 1998) about involving the whole of the work force in running his business, in Brazil.

Michael Gerber – “The E Myth” and other interesting ideas about growing small businesses.

Government And Related

Rural Industries Research And Development Corporation – Australian government site packed with good information covering areas like capacity building.

The Indigenous Economic Development Unit of the Department Of Business And Economic Development, Northern Territory – Has been doing some great work in encouraging indigenous businesses.

Innovation Australia – Australian government site on interesting innovations in Australian business.

Innovation Australia featuring Little Fish – Go here to listen to an audio file on Little Fish’s innovative approach in the indigenous field.

Indigenous Community/Regional/National Organisations

Katherine West Health Board – A highly effective indigenously run regional health service in the Northern Territory.

Sunrise Health Service – A highly effective indigenously run regional health service in the Northern Territory.

Desart – Effective, and highly regarded, regional organisation supporting aboriginal art centres across Central Australia.

Reconciliation Australia – Very progressive, innovative, practical and constructive in its approach in the area of reconciliation between indigenous people and mainstream Australia.

Reconciliation Australia / BHP Billinton Governance Awards – Practical and supportive governance awards sponsored by BHP Billinton. One of our clients, Sunrise Health Service, came second in the national finals of the inaugural awards in 2005.

Indigenous Businesses

Outback Stores – A not for profit supporting indigenous people to run their own stores. Brings the best of the business world to the indigenous field. Committed and motivated team.

Warlayirti Artists – A highly successful aboriginal art centre – both commercially and culturally. Located in the remote aboriginal community of Balgo in the Kimberly region of Western Australia.

Larrakia Development Corporation, Darwin, Northern Territory – An indigenous business that competes successfully with the best of the mainstream.

Peppered Black – Innovative multicultural indigenously owned security business, in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

Dreamtime Gallery – You want an aboriginal number plate for your vehicle, well if you live in Queensland, Australia then indigenous entrepreneur Michael J Connolly will provide you with one!

Community Development, Capacity Building & Not-For-Profits

Bismarck Ramu Group, Papua New Guinea – A great example of a community development organisation.

PBSP: Philippines Business For Social Progress – Highly regarded. Funded by leading companies in the Philippines through a percentage of their profits.

Mango – Management Accounting For Non Government Organisations. Works at the heart of transparency and good accounting practice.

Mango: World Best Practice In Financial Reporting – Little Fish’s financial tools given in examples of best world wide practice of financial reporting in development work on the Mango site.

Rural Industries Research And Development Corporation (RIRDC) – An Australian government web site packed with good information/ideas.

RIRDC – Capacity Building – Area of RIRDC site focusing on capacity building.

Enabling Change – A site packed with practical tools developed from on the ground experience. See director Les Robinson’s Co-Create – ‘the complete facilitator's guide to collaborative projects.’

The Aurora Project – Based in Sydney – The Aurora Project is the collective name for a number of programs that work with Australia's indigenous communities and organisations to facilitate prosperity through capacity building.

Torqaid – International best practice in development work. Participatory Program Management.

Desert Knowledge – Covers the desert regions in 5 states of Australia – establishes links and fosters innovative social and commercial ventures.

Desert Knowledge on Little Fish – The way we were! An interesting retrospective on Little Fish. We were one of 2 desert companies highlighted on their web site a few years ago. The other company is about 2000 km away! Has audio and video.

Financial Management Programs

See Resources – Financial Literacy on this site


Hearing Impairment – Dr. Damien Howard’s review paper indicates that up to 70% of indigenous people in Australia suffer from auditory processing problems. This is 7 times the level found in most other groups. Considers use of visual presentation very important.

Conceptual Diagrams – An approach to using graphics and pictures that dovetails closely with what we do.

Conceptual Models – Another approach to using graphics and pictures that dovetails closely with what we do.

Natural Maths – A very innovative and effective approach to numeracy. Very relevant to the work