Little Fish
Information with Integrity


Our Story
In a globalising world we work to bridge the ever increasing gap between the big and the small, the organisation and the individual. Our programs focus on improving the communications and relationships within an organisation and between its people.

About 5 or 6 years ago our directors and team members were casting around for a better name for our company - something that strongly resonated with our vision and what we do for our clients.

One of our directors mentioned this to a friend of his. He was a doctor who had worked for a good many years in various indigenous health services in remote communities in Central Australia. He came up with the suggestion of Little Fish.

We all thought it was a brilliant idea and adopted his suggestion!

Why Little Fish?

The dry country of Central Australia is the last place that you would expect to find fish. But our mascot - the Spangled Grunter - is such a prolific little fish that at one time naturalists seriously considered that it was carried around by rain clouds.

The rivers and creeks of Central Australia usually remain dry.

Every few years, when they run full of water, this little fish can be seen valiantly swimming upstream against the current. A group of them was recorded swimming over 16 kilometers in water formed by wheel ruts on a dirt road.

They managed this extraordinary feat in just under six hours!

The Global World

Whether we like it or not, our information technology, our institutions, our economies and even our political structures are becoming increasingly interlinked.

While this opens up huge new beneficial possibilities, there are a significant number of people who see globalization as the cause of a growing number of serious inequities.

As the scale of things keeps increasing and increasing, so the majority of us feel smaller and smaller in relation to the size of the systems we have to interact with. The more we feel this gap grow, the less we feel in control of our own lives. Even those of us near the top of the tree can feel that we are small fish in ponds whose horizons are receding at an increasing rate.

Feeling in control of our lives, is one of the most basic fundamentals of a happy fulfilled life.

What We Stand For

We stand for the ordinary person who has to work in a big system.

We work constructively to bridge the gap between the big and the small, the organisation and the individual.

To do this requires focus and discipline.

Our Disciplines

  • Our work is based on fundamental ethical values that are acceptable to most people around the world.
  • We bridge the gap between ordinary people and the organisations that they interact with.
  • We acknowledge and have respect for diversity.
  • We work to build capacity in the people and organisations we engage with.
  • We work to support the flow of clear and accurate information.
  • We never get involved with the decisions or actions of those whom we work with.
  • We work with disadvantaged groups for the benefit of all society.

Our Vision – The Entry Page

Why an eagle when we are Little Fish? The eagle, flying high in the sky, is a symbol for the freedom of the big viewpoint, even in a vast landscape of opposing features.

The Little Fish contrasts with the eagle – for even in a desert, fish can exist.

The Landscape is the source of our inspiration and ideas. We would be wise not to loose sight of the land as the source. Yet, neither should we over-romanticize it. There is much we can learn from nature - from personal balance to biomimicry. (Biomimicry is the application of methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology).

The road is about our journey through the landscape. There will be many unexpected twists and turns and we should be ready for them. To stay on the road requires balance - like balance between broad inclusive intuitive thinking and careful focused analysis – between story telling and logic – between thinking about things and practical implementation - between respect for the best of the past and preparation for the future.

When we reach the horizon we have arrived. And yet, just like life, there is another horizon in front of us! People and organisations need to constantly adapt and grow if they are to prosper. Nothing stands still!