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The 'Paper for Trees' Initative

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The Aim

Turn a million small steps into one giant leap – sustainable paper production.
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How To Take That First Small Step

Action one, two or all three of the following simple steps:-

  1. No Illegal Logging
    Send an email (downloadable template) to your supplier(s) asking them to give an undertaking that the paper products which they supply you do not come from illegal logging sources.
  2. Choose, Donate And Recoup
    1. Choose a registered not-for-profit organisation which has either of these two things as one of its main aims
      (i) The protection or regeneration of natural forest/woodland, or (ii) Research on the sustainable production of paper.
    2. Work out the tax free cost of the paper products that you purchased during the last financial year.
    3. Donate 10% of this cost to your chosen not-for-profit organisation.
    4. Recoup this 10% by being more efficient and sustainable in your work practices.
  3. Supplier Support
    Send an email (downloadable template) to your supplier(s) asking if they will help you support this initiative by giving you a credit worth 3% of the tax free value of the paper products you bought from them during the financial year.

    This credit is triggered when you lodge a copy of your donation receipt with them. You use your credit against any future purchases of paper products you make from them.

Make Your Effort Count – Fill In A Supporter Form

Filling the forms in only takes a couple of minutes!

If many of us all take a small step together we can create a big result. The way we can make our individual small steps resonate into a single powerful force is to use the power of modern communications through the internet and create a huge worldwide list of supporters that no-one can ignore.

It will inspire all of us with the confidence that we are not alone or ineffective in what we are doing. The bigger the list, the more others will take notice! Remember – ‘If I don’t do it, then who else will?’

We will be expanding the initiative as more and more individuals, companies and organisations take it up.

Participant Supporter Form
Supplier & Manufacturer Supporter Form

Privacy - What We Do NOT Want To Know

• The amount of your donation
• Your street address or phone number

If you want to support this initiative, but do not wish your name to appear publicly you can indicate this on the supporter forms.

We expect this to get big. Any offers of help will be appreciated.
Please contact us via this link - We welcome your suggestions. We need help with translations of this material.