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Sustainable Industry

It is clear that we are standing on the threshold of a second industrial revolution. This revolution is going to be about how sustainability, continual learning, and profitability play out in the growth and development of successful economies.

A company that leads the way in this next level of development is Interface. It is a carpet company with international reach. Its head office is in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1994, their founder and former CEO, Ray Anderson, saw what good business sense sustainability made and initiated a core company program called Mission Zero. The aim of this program is that Interface will have a zero environmental footprint by the year 2020. They are well on the way to achieving this aim.

Another remarkable fact is that this company is one of the most commercially successful in its industry! ‘Dear fellow shareholders, let me start by saying quite simply, that 2006 was an outstanding year for us, with over $1 billion in sales, increased profitability, growth that outpaced the industry, and good results around the world.’ See page 3 of 2006 Annual Report -

Check out who Ray Anderson is at - - Also see this short video of Ray Anderson explaining his ideas -

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See the Paper For Trees initiative which is part of Little Fish’s company environmental program called ‘Leave No Tracks’. We aim to reduce the impact of our company on the environment to zero by the year 2015.


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