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Quotable Quotes

We are proud of the work we do and the practical results we have achieved together with our partners. Here are a few examples of comments we have received:

Dr. Daniel Etya’ale, Director Africa, Blindness Prevention Program, WHO, Geneva, commented that Little Fish’s programs are ‘A real discovery to me! Unique and very original…. a very effective method of presenting financial reports’.

Richard Potok, The Director of The Aurora Project, Sydney, New South Wales, when researching business support programs and after talking to Tom Calma, the Social Justice Commissioner, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory – ’You have quite a reputation – everywhere I go I hear about Little Fish, most recently when I was discussing our initiative with Tom Calma - and your organisation was on a very short list of those providing effective assistance in this area.'

The Governor General of Australia, The Right Reverend Dr. Peter Hollingworth, Government House, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory – Little Fish ‘has created an ingenious pictorial accounting system for the local Aboriginal communities.’

Barry Lalley, Technical Advisor, Bismarck Ramu Group, - a very effective community and microbusiness development organisation - Madang, Papua New Guinea – In my mind's eye I really think Little Fish has a lot to offer BRG. I am unashamedly a big fan of Little Fish so maybe my enthusiasm is blinding me - but I doubt it.’

Brian Freddie, Aboriginal business and community leader at Mangalawurru, near Tennant Creek, Central Australia at the end of a Little Fish on site business workshop using The Vision Driven Model ® – ‘Listen you young fellas! That word passion means you have to get yourselves out of your swag and get mustering cattle early in the morning, even in winter! No-one from the government is going to come and tell us to get up. It’s our own business!’

Jane Jackson, Manager of the Indigenous Pastoral Program in the Northern Territory. The IPP works with many indigenous cattle businesses – ‘I believe that Little Fish should continue providing valued support and services as it has been doing.’

Margaret Carroll, Financial Advisor, in Chapter 11 (p130) of ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives.' This was part of a whole chapter on Little Fish. Published by New Holland (Australia) Publishers Pty. Ltd. 2001. ISBN 1 86436 685 0. This comment on our Money Story ® tools – ‘An idea brilliant in its simplicity and clarity - I can see its relevance to my own business.’

The Menzies School Of Health Research stated, in an extensive long term independent evaluation of Katherine West Health Board during a Coordinated HealthCare Trial, that our financial management tools imparted ‘a genuine understanding of the finances.’ They went on to say that ‘By the end of the Live Phase several Health Board members were able to present the financial report using the Money Story and in addition several were able to ask questions of the staff when they identified something in the Money Story which concerned them.’

Michelle Capitaine, State Manager, Department Of Health And Aging, Darwin. They employed us to work on key aspects of their communications strategy – ‘Using Little Fish’s methodology to explain the philosophy behind Coordinated Care and how the many government and non-government agencies would work together was a great achievement. That notwithstanding, I consider that your greatest achievement was demonstrated at a meeting in Timber Creek when members of the Katherine West Health Board delivered, with confidence and clear understanding of the content, the financial component of the agenda utilising the “Money Story”. This was a major break through. Members of the board have since gone from strength to strength…….’

Jack Little, Senior Aboriginal Board Member Of Katherine West Health Board, and the first Aboriginal health worker in Northern Australia, when explaining Little Fish’s work – ‘Look! This is how we community and government people can listen to each other and work hand in hand.’

Peter Bolgi - Aboriginal director of Jawaluk Tours, Top End, Northern Territory on our Small Business Story ®, after on site discussions and presentations of The Small Business Story ® analyzing the impact of seasonal fluctuations and liquidity in their business – ‘We’ve been waiting a long time for someone like you to come a tell things clearly. This has really opened my brain.’

Liz Thomas, manager of the Small Business Centre – Port Hedland - at a state regional workshop in Broome, Western Australia, where we made a presentation on the Little Fish Vision Driven Model ® – ‘We’ve been waiting for a tool like this for a long time. It’s fantastic!’

A participant when evaluating a business workshop run by Little Fish at an International Quality & Productivity Centre (IQPC) conference in Brisbane, Queensland – ‘This was excellent. Practical and very useful indeed.'

Finally from Des Rogers, Indigenous Entrepreneur from Central Australia. His innovative security business Peppered Black has created employment for 15 indigenous people.
‘Little Fish?........BIG SOLUTIONS!
I’ve known Hugh Lovesy for a very long time and when he started this business “little fish” I thought what the hells this bloke doing. But now I realize that all the years he spent on the Aboriginal lands has taught him well, he became a very good listener and is now teaching through pictures and stories. Very much like us! Hugh is not condescending or paternalistic and he is passionate in building the knowledge of Aboriginal people. He has much compassion and an intense desire for Aboriginal people to gain an understanding of the western world. He has, over the years always made time for me personally, and recently spent many, many hours guiding, assisting and providing his professional advice and support in preparing an entry for the Telstra awards. The result? We were deemed as ineligible as our business had not been operating for three years. Hugh’s comment? ‘Well! you’ve got a head start for you are eligible’. The cost? ‘Don’t worry about it, pro bono (free)’! That’s Hugh!!! That’s little fish!!!’